View 3D model "Mechanism of helicopter"

This engine monitoring inspired me for this site creation. Its beauty and originality really fascinate. Moreover the observation of helicopter maneuvers in the sky arises the desire to understand how it works and lets the pilot perform such miracles.

All the secret of mechanism is in the possibility of changing each propeller blade’s angle in accordance of certain rule. So this creates pressure drops from different sides of helicopter corps. It allows helicopter to move not just back and forth but also sideways and even form loop paths. To describe by words how this harmonized system of helicopter rotor is achieved is a waste of time. So I propose you to learn about it with the help of my interactive 3D model.

You need to use the virtual remote in the upper right corner to drive a mechanism.

View 3D model "Lock mechanism"

This model shows the internal structure and principle of operation of the door lock core.

You can move key (horizontal movement), and observe the changes that take place inside. The rotation of the key (vertical movement) will be possible when all lights in the bottom of the door lock will be green.

View 3D model "Secateurs"

This is my first model designed for the money.

Secateurs, is the some type of the scissors for a plants cutting. This pruner has a quite interesting mechanism. It's the main reason why this secateurs was choosen for creation.

You can change state of this 3D model (open/close) with the button with pruner picture.

View 3D model "Walking Mechanism"

This walking mechanism is an extremely spectacular type of kinetic sculptures. Theo Jansen deals with the development of such real mechanisms. I recommend to surf online videos with these walking mechanisms. They are simply incredible.

There are only six legs in my virtual 3D model. This makes the process of movement entertaining and visual at the same time. More legs can cause the loss of visibility.

The control panel for the model management is located in the upper right corner. You can make the walking mechanism simulate movement by pressing appropriate buttons.