About the site

Фотография Olexeii Sokolovskyi My name is Olexeii Sokolovskyi and I am the author of this internet resourse. I’ve got two passions. The first passion is programming. I’ve been professionally engaging in it for about fifteen years. The second passion is 3D modeling – hobby and I dedicate most my free time for it. Modern internet technologies let me make difficult and beautiful things, combined two my passions in something useful and interesting.

The main purpose of creating this site is the demonstration of opportunities for WebGL technologies usage in 3D online presentations. This technology is sustained by all browsers and most of modern tablets and smartphones that makes it really popular.

3D redactor Blender3D Blender3D and three.js three.js (handy adds for WebGL) were used for creating these interactive.

The main spheres of these technologies usage are:

  • internet-marketing - the usage of high-quality interactive 3D display window will be really catchingp peculiarity of your site and this will distinguish site from other competitors.
  • education - videos and illustrations help to understand what happens inside mechanisms and effects, but the usage of 3D models is much more powerful implement of educational process.
  • 3D presentations - high-quality presentation are the best way of informing partners and investors about all the advantages of cooperation with you. 3D presentation allows to have a look at future and imagine that is just planned to be created. You can clearly see the result in all the details.
  • entertainment and games - internet has become the source of entertainment for a long time. WebGL is a really powerful technology for realization of original interfaces of arbitrary complexity.

The active development of new technologies opens new perspectives in the usage of 3D almost every day. I’m sure that such need exists in your life or business.